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Surgery to reshape or recontour the nose

The goals of surgery are to reshape the cartilages and bones of the nose to produce a harmonious and natural appearance that will beautify and enhance one's own facial features.

As a central unit, the nose is an area that provides balance to the face and will highlight the essence of your appearance.

But as we aim for an aesthetic change, we cannot forget that the nose also has a functional role in breathing. Therefore, your surgeon must be knowledgable in the anatomical and architectural concepts that are necessary to maintain your nasal airway or even improve it.

First Consultation

During your first visit as a candidate for a rhinoplasty or "nose job", I perform a complete assessment of your entire nose from the outer pyramid and its relationship to the rest of your facial anatomy, to the internal nasal structures, such as the septum, nasal turbinates and sinuses. If any abnormalities are found, these can be discussed and corrected at the same time.

During this visit, I will discuss your goals and expectations in order to get to know you as a patient.My focus is always on your specific concerns and answering any questions that you might have.  

My goal is to highlight your beauty.

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Team Approach

Analysis and discussion of your desired results is a critical part of the pre-operative visit. These are unique according to each person, but we always maintain the goal of obtaining a harmonious result without stigmas of an "operated nose".

We have several tools at our disposal to help us in this discussion. These can include computer simulation using your own images and also reviewing pre- and post-operative results of similar cases. Photographs are always taken before and after surgery.

We make sure that during the preoperative consultation, special attention is given to individual anatomical concerns and that the entire surgical process is clear so that you as our patient feel confident in our plan.

For additional information about these procedures and common questions please refer to the patient resources section.

Please contact our office if you would like to have a consultation with Dr. Davila.

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