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Neck Lift/ Neck Rejuvenation

Surgery that addresses fullness, heaviness, or skin laxity around the chin and neck

There are several reasons that the neck and jawline lose definition. Excess fatty tissue, plastysmal (muscle) banding, loose skin, excessive skin, or a weak chin can all contribute to this problem. 

Depending on the specific concerns that need to be addressed, we can discuss the most appropriate plan that will help you achieve your goals. 

Invasive and non-invasive treatments are often available as options, but understanding the limitations and appropriateness of each treatment modality will help you make a decision that meets your expectations.

Who is a candidate for surgery?

Understanding why not everyone gets the same surgery

Each procedure is customized to an individual's unique anatomy. For excess fatty tissue, micro- liposuction can be used to resculpt the jawline and reduce fullness under the chin. Kybella injections offer a non-surgical alternative to destroy fat selectively and create definition. 

If there there are prominent neck bands, these are a result of excess and loose platysmal muscles. The surgical solution for this is a platsymaplasty, in which deep fatty tissue is removed and the muscles are repositioned to recreate a smooth jawline. 

In select cases of excess skin ("turkey neck appearance"), we can consider removing this excess skin and fat directly using a direct neck lift approach.

Is this different than a facelift?

Often times both surgeries are combined for maximal results

The face and neck are a continuation of each other, and often we will recommend combining both a facelift and neck lift since both procedures complement each other to give the best results. 

Not everyone is a candidate for an isolated neck lift, and it's important that you can understand why. During your consultation, I will review your photos, discuss your goals, and review our surgical plan so that I can make sure I meet your expectations and deliver results that you will love. 

For additional information about these procedures and common questions please refer to the patient resources tab.

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