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Lip Augmentation

Surgery or filler to augment and highlight the natural contours of the lip 

A youthful and attractive lip is characterized by having a plump and full appearance with a characteristic "M" shape from the peaks and highlights along the philtral columns and white roll of the lip. 

There are 2 main procedures that can enhance the lips. Fillers can add volume and highlight targeted areas temporarily, while a "Lip-Lift" procedure can surgically provide a more permanent solution. 

For information about lip fillers please refer to our non-surgical section.

The Lip-Lift is a powerful procedure that can create a fuller and taller lip, as well as recreate a few millimeters of tooth show, which is a common attractive feature of beautiful lips. 

Who is a candidate for a Lip-Lift?

Understanding your anatomy and personal goals is important

Not everyone is best suited for a surgical Lip-Lift. 

When the skin between the nose and the upper lip is excessively long, it gives an aged appearance to the lower face. 

The best candidates for an upper Lip-Lift gare women who have a small or short upper red lip, long philtrum (skin between the nose and lip), asymmetry of the upper lip, and those with minimal to no upper tooth show.

This can be done as a stand-alone procedure, but during a consultation for a facelift or other facial rejuvenation surgery, your surgeon may recommend an upper Lip-Lift if he feels it may enhance your results. 

What exactly is a Lip-Lift? 

Surgery to remove a small strip of upper lip skin to reposition the red upper lip and shortness the philtrum

Typically, a strip of skin and subcutaneous tissue is removed from the upper lip. The incision is concealed within the shadow of the nose/lip junction. 

Depending on your individual anatomy and goals, a small strip of skin is measured out to match your desired lip height and eversion. Similarly, varying degrees of lip skin elevation are performed to redrape your upper lip without tension to allow for minimal scarring.

While a small scar is initially visible, after a few months the scar is often barely noticeable and easily concealable with makeup. By six months, most scars are imperceptible

Please contact our office if you would like to have a consultation with Dr. Davila.

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