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Lip Augmentation

Lips are one of the most important aesthetic features of the face. While lips come in different shapes and sizes, their fundamental structure cannot be changed. However, the definition, proportions, and symmetry can be enhanced to highlight an individual's natural beautiful features.  There are various techniques that can be used for patient specific concerns. It is important that your injector has experience in each of these since small changes can make a big difference. 

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Periorbital /Eyelid Enhancement

The upper eyelids can lose volume with age looking hollowed and skeletal. The midface and lower eyelids also loss volume but paradoxically can give the appearance of bags and fullness to the lower eyelids. In the right patient, using filler along both the upper and lower lids can help smooth these areas restoring vigor and youthfulness to the eyes. 

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Cheek and Midface Enhancement 

The cheek and eyelid junction is a key area of highlights and shadows. The youthful face has ample volume that gives a smooth transition between these two areas. With the appropriate filler and technique, the cheekbones can be enhanced and midface elevated to give the lower eyelids a smooth contour and refreshed appearance. Appreciation for what makes a face youthful and knowledge of facial anatomy are key to performing safe injections and delivering beautiful results. 

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Facial Rejuventation and Smoothening

Small details can make a drastic difference. Fillers can help hide and camouflage small imperfections such as fine lines, shadows, deep nasolabial folds or wrinkles. But they can also give a subtle enhancement to highlight one's own natural beautiful features. Making sure your injector knows and understands what makes each area beautiful is critical. As facial plastics surgeons, we pride ourselves in having an artistic eye and critically analyzing our work. We listen, but we can also help you see where your natural beauty stands out.  

Please contact our office if you would like to have a consultation with Dr. Davila.

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