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Brow Lift/ Hairline Repositioning

Surgery to elevate the eyebrows, as well as reduce the heaviness and tired appearance around the eyelids 

Patients often come to the office asking to have their eyelids done because they feel they look heavy, tired, and angry. In soime instances, the eyelids may not the problem but rather it is the eyebrows that have descended. 


It is important that your surgeon recognizes signs of brow descent (brow ptosis) which may camouflage what would otherwise show beautiful and healthy eyelids. 


Cosmetic brow lifts are usually done under general anesthesia. They may or may not be combined with an upper lid blepharoplasty in select cases. The procedure takes as little as 45-60 minutes. Incisions are hidden within the hairline.  The goal of surgery is to release the deep brow attachments,  re position them in a more superior and/or lateral direction. The results leave brows in a more natural and relaxed position with a slight elevation at the lateral corners.


Hairline Repositioning

Surgery to advance the hairline forward

Using an open brow lift approach, we can adjust the position of the hairline to a more desirable forward position. The incisions, while visible initially, are generally well camouflaged and often imperceptible after 6-12 months. 

For additional information about these procedures and common questions please refer to the patient resources tab.

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